Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy
Hair loss, weakening and loss of hair quality is a common problem that affects many individuals, regardless of whether they are men or women....
Hair Mesotherapy
Hair loss, weakening and loss of hair quality is a common problem that affects many individuals, regardless of whether they are men or women. When the hair, which has a direct impact on the appearance, does not appear full and thick enough or when the problem of baldness occurs, an aesthetically unpleasant appearance occurs. This situation also negatively affects individuals socially and psychologically.
Hair mesotherapy, one of the innovative applications preferred in the treatment of hair loss, nourishes and strengthens hair cells. In this way, hair quality increases, hair loss is prevented and new hair growth is supported. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that can be safely applied to individuals who have problems such as hair loss, thinning of their hair in some places, or hair thinning and weakening.
Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?
Hair mesotherapy is an effective method for the treatment of all kinds of health problems, especially hair loss. It is possible to benefit from hair mesotherapy alone or in addition to different medical treatments in the treatment of many health problems related to hair and scalp. Individuals experiencing such health problems can be examined by a dermatologist and evaluated for suitability for hair mesotherapy. In general, the application areas of hair mesotherapy can be listed as follows:
1- Hair loss due to reasons such as stress, seasonal changes, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pregnancy, metabolic factors.
2-Androgenic (male type) or genetic hair loss
3-Regional hair loss and thinning
4-Treatment of hair that has become thin, weakened and lost its vitality
5-Problems such as dandruff and dryness on the scalp6-Since hair loss is a very common problem, the services applied for treatment purposes in this field are quite open to commercial use. Hair mesotherapy should be performed by dermatology specialists who are experts in both hair and scalp fields. Procedures performed under the name of hair mesotherapy by non-physicians may not produce any results, and may cause more damage to the hair and scalp due to incorrect practices. For this reason, the procedure should be performed by doctors in health institutions.
How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?
Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment technique performed by experts. This treatment, which is applied in sessions, is carried out by injecting into the scalp a substance containing minerals, vitamins, hair follicles nourishing and hair growth supporting components.

Injection content can be determined in different ways depending on the type of problem the patient is experiencing. Certain substances known to be effective in hair growth and regeneration may be included in this content. Especially B group vitamins, zinc, copper, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, coenzymes, growth factors and various drugs are frequently used for this purpose. A hair mesotherapy session is completed by injecting the liquid substance prepared with the help of injectors or mesotherapy guns into various areas on the scalp. Since the injections are micro-sized, patients do not feel any significant pain or suffering during the procedure.
The number of sessions needed can be approximately predicted depending on the severity of the hair and scalp problems experienced by the patient. However, for effective results, it is beneficial to decide on a new session with an examination by the doctor after each session. To obtain optimum results, an average of 6-8 sessions of hair mesotherapy are applied. Obtaining the targeted results requires a period of 12-18 months.

With a regular and effective mesotherapy treatment, hair loss is greatly reduced and a significant increase in hair quality and new hair growth can be observed. Before starting hair mesotherapy sessions, a detailed health examination should be conducted to determine whether there is a medical problem causing hair loss. If there is any medical factor, it is essential to determine a treatment plan for the underlying health problem in order to achieve the necessary success from the treatment.
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