Check Moles
Check Moles
Evaluation and follow-up of moles are done first by clinical examination and then by dermatoscope examination....
How to Track Moles?
Evaluation and follow-up of moles are done first by clinical examination and then by dermatoscope examination. Dermatoscopes are parts that enable the evaluation of moles by magnifying them approximately 50-80 times. Dermatoscopes are available for manual and computerized use. Images can be found in the next examination for recording, if there is any change. The expression called mole map is actually the recording of the person's moles with the dermatoscope process.
Which Tip Are Moles Dangerous?
Those that are registered in our body or that have just emerged are not dangerous. Generally, moles are benign or malignant. However, some changes of dangerous moles are possible. If the mole is asymmetrical, has a rapid growth pattern, has color change or signs of bleeding, is larger than 5 mm in size, and contains the same or different colors, there may be danger errors and dermatological evaluation is recommended. Just because I always have this individual doesn't mean I have cancer. Following the examination of the dermatologist, follow-up or removal of the mole may be recommended. For moles that are completely benign, annual follow-up is sufficient. However, suspicious moles are monitored more closely, or if the physician considers them to be malicious, the mole may be removed and examined histopathologically. A result may be obtained that can definitively reveal whether the mole will be in bad condition or not.
How to Identify a Cancerous Mole?
It is not possible for a person to understand the cancerous mole looking at him/her from the outside. However, it is possible for changes such as color change, non-bleeding, rapid growth etc. Dermatological examination is required. Dermatoscopic examination gives a clue, but it is taken with a definitive diagnosis result. Histopathological examination is applied clearly with the result of cancer. If the result is cancerous, the mole is taken.
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