Acne Scar Treatment
Acne Scar Treatment
Acne scar treatment is a treatment process that requires patience and effort....
Is Acne Scar Treatment Possible?
Unfortunately, acne sometimes causes scarring as it passes. Even though acne is gone, scars can become annoying in the long run. Today, thanks to developing technology and dermocosmetic treatments, we can successfully treat acne scars. We have many treatment options for acne scarring. And when scars are treated, a permanent improvement is achieved.
How Do Acne Scars Form?
In particular, inflamed acne that grows under the skin and does not end, which we call lolylocystic nodulocystic, tends to leave scars. Acne may cause collagen loss in the tissue with recurrent attacks. And pit-shaped atrophic scars may form. In addition, sometimes large inflamed recurrent acne can cause excessive collagen synthesis during the healing process in the tissue, creating puffy and hard keloidal hypertrophic scars on the skin. In addition, as acne passes, it can trigger the formation of small capillaries there and sometimes appear with scars in the form of redness. The type of acne scars is very valuable for us in determining the type of our treatment. Because our treatment choice varies depending on the scar.
How Long Does Acne Scar Treatment Take?
Acne scar treatment is a treatment process that requires patience and effort. I perform applications such as subcision laser treatments, PRP, mesotherapy and peeling in scar treatment. Depending on the type of scar, treatments can be applied in combination or individually. Here, factors such as the type of scar, the depth of the scar, and the patient's skin type change the choice of our treatment. I apply scar treatment in at least 3 sessions. Session intervals are generally once a month. The number of sessions may increase depending on the severity of the scar and treatment response. On average, we can complete a scar treatment in 3-6 months. We see gradual improvement in the scar with each session. If we work hard and continue scar treatments, we get very satisfactory results.
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